Womens Technique Classes

Back by popular demand...Women's Technique classes with Hosanna. A six week course from structured from the floor up!
Tuesdays 7-8pm
Jan 20 till March 3(omitting Feb 17)
Cost $20

Discover how to connect with the floor and your axis, provide resistance, disassociate and pivot easily with a strong core and good posture. Sounds like a lot, but the concept is through exercising these elements we can discover a natural and relaxed method of dancing. The class is stuctured to include a stretching warm-up followed by exercises which demonstrate the topic area and can be practiced in your own time. However, having said that, most of us have busy lives and don't always get around to the solo tango time so there is a focus on repetition and finessing the movements during the lesson. Lets call it a drill class.

What is the benefit of a womens only class? Aside from being comfortable to show up in trackies and socks :) We can spend time exploring details, finding an ease, smoothing the edges without the stimulous of the lead and another person. By introducing your body to the movements of tango, which are not necessarily those we perform everyday, they become familiar to us. The realtime dance experience can be a little nerve racking..its easy to forget which is way is up so it is helpful to have a library of well known responses. Taking these techniques into your dancing is definately the biggest challenge and the most rewarding when you find your experience with a partner more connected.

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