Hola friends,

I have been recently running workshops with Damian Thompson in various cities in Australia and we have developed some excellent material to share with you. As i will be leaving town shortly we are presenting a condensed series of workshop length classes designed to build upon fundamental elements you already know to take your dance to the next level. If you are an intermediate dancer with 1-2 years experience or a more advanced dancer and want to develop your understanding of options for improvisation then this is for you.

  • Cross System Magic – Understanding cross and parallel system. Methodology to change systems using different techniques.

  • Sanguchito(sandwich) options – changing the direction of the Sanguchito

  • Giro's to Parada's – understanding giro technique and interupting the giro

  • The Ultimate Rebote y Changes of direction Using rebotes to create a seamless change of direction

    to register contact Hosanna info@esoestango.com

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