Anibal and Hosanna workshops JUNE

Don't Miss out on Anibal Montenegro's 3rd visit to Australia. Anibal is popular and approachable teacher who has toured extensively in Asia and Europe as well as teaching at prestigious tango schools in Buenos Aires.

This years tour includes Canberra June 4-5, Melbourne June 18-19 and NZ Tango Festival June 24-27

Workshops in Sydney will have a strong focus on musicality and developing social dancing skills. The main attention is given to music, embrace, communication within the couple, and solid technical explanations. A comprehensive exploration to improve all aspects of your social dance skills and incorporate your own movement vocabulary with greater understanding

Each of the workshops will encompass a useful movements, voleo, sacada, gancho, volcada, colgada, barridas, enrosque, etc.... but always paying attention to the space and directions. Keep this weekend free!

11:00-12:30 - MUSICALITY I
We shall discuss the idea of musical pulses and how to express them differently while dancing. The accent, strong beats, compass, syncopation. How to create a dance with different rhythmical structures with special attention to Synopation

How to create space and dynamics using circular movements and spiral exchanges within the embrace. We will explore techniques of the pĂ­vot, giros and front sacadas.